Friday, December 4, 2009

What's on your teenagers mind?

You probably think you know and maybe you do.

As parents, we want to know what our children are thinking to help them and keep them out of difficulties. I am fortunate to be able to do so.

Recently, I read the minds of some high school juniors who are part of a wonderful program that matches them up with adult mentors from business and government. These children are lucky to have access to the wisdom of mature adults; after all, "How precious, above all wealth, is good counsel."

And what were they thinking? All the things we would think are important to them: What will my career be...Will I get the car I want...How many children will I have...Will I be able to keep up my good grades...Will I get the job...Where will I go to college...Will I get a girl or boyfriend?

I answer these questions in my presentation, hopefully with some wisdom and humor, but always with optimism and enthusiasm.

Let me read the minds of your group regardless of age. We'll have a wonderful, uplifting and memorable time.

David Winston

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Senior Thoughts

While the majority of my work is corporate presentations, I occasionally get the chance to read the minds of active seniors. I call them The Chronologically Gifted. Not only do they have great thoughts and experiences, but they have fully developed and charming personalities.

Here is a brief video of an adult thought sent and received by me at a recent event.

It is always a joy to work with our elders, especially if they are savoring the time we have on this earth. I myself have just qualified for the senior discount at Denny's! I haven't taken advantage of it yet, but it is a reminder where we're all headed and to make to make the most of this precious life.

Call me for great entertainment at any event where people, minds and thoughts gather.

David Winston

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

David Winston - Corporate Entertainer

Recently I read the minds of 400 Electrical Engineers 98% of them men. It was huge crowd in a long room. And although it was a hard venue to control, it went very well. I looked out halfway through the performance and saw those logical, analytical, rational engineers quietly and intensely looking at me and my participants. They loved it.

I could say it's my incredible talent as a performer, or that I'm good in front of a difficult audience, that made that show such a success. But whatever talent I have is trumped by the subject at hand - the thoughts and personalities of my participants. The reason my show is so interesting is the content: People are interested in themselves and others. I bring that out in 45 compelling minutes of the "Mind to Mind" show. Mindreading, telepathy, personality and a whole lot of fun. Perfect entertainment for your next corporate event

David Winston


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Being present. The key to reading others.

Being present means being aware. We have many distractions in our life. Things that block our intuition. People who can divorce themselves from the things that stand in the way of seeing everything around us develop their intuition. Don't think about the past. It can't be changed. Don't think about the future. Stop multitasking. Clear your mind. Focus on one person. Your impressions will be stunning.

Next time we'll discuss the forms of divination that can get you closer to peoples thoughts and personalities.

The "Mind to Mind" show is 45 minutes of mindreading, telepathy and a whole lot of fun. Schedule David now for your next event.

David Winston mentalist at 619-993-6388

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mentalism has taken me many places.

I have been entertaining with the power of the mind for 20 years. It has taken me many places. Usually a company will say "Can you come to Texas and entertain at our convention?" The beauty of my work is the connections I make. When I perform successfully for a client they say "can you be in San Francisco next year for our conference?" The answer, unless I'm already scheduled, is "yes." I haven't left the USA in my work but I have been to all the major cities and destinations. How about reading the mind of a billionaire on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Or describing the thoughts of insurance agents in New Orleans. It's a good life.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mindreading in Las Vegas

This past weekend I read the minds of Oral Surgeons. Smart nice people with great thoughts. We all stayed at the Four Seasons. A first class hotel. It's connected to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and shares privileges. I went to one of the kidney shaped pools for some laps. Three people were in the water. The rest were partying on the deck and looking beautiful.

You can tell the quality of a hotel by its staff. They have all been there for a long time. I didn't speak to one with less than 5 years service. Oh and the food at Verandah Restaurant. Wonderful. The dinner with with the Doctors. Exquisite.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Private parties.

Most of my shows are corporate parties, awards dinners, conventions and meetings. Occasionally I do the small private party. I call them "psychic home parties." I'm not a psychic. I'm intuitive. I call them "psychic" because people relate to it. It gets the message across. Plus at these parties everyone gets a brief personal reading after the presentation. It goes over very well. A good fit is the wedding shower. People often think they know each other. When I get done they may be surprised. In a positive way. They learn things about each other they didn't know. It's a lot of fun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sand Reading at the St. John party

I love doing my Sand Reading. I've read palms all my life but in the last few years I've developed my own brand of personality reading. I ask my guests to make an impression, a drawing or an image in the sand. I then read that impression and the person. They love it.