Monday, December 13, 2010

Who stirs your emotions?

Someone for whom you have deep feelings?

Your first real boyfriend or girlfriend? That special mentor?

Imagine if you will writing the name of that person on a piece of paper, focusing on it with all your being, and with such strength that someone who doesn't even know you can perceive not only that person's name, but your relationship with them!

That person is David Winston. Not only does he read your thoughts, but he describes your personality and reveals what is most important to you. It's an exciting and moving example of telepathy.

Give your guests great entertainment and an experience they won't forget. Invite David Winston to your next event.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Terrific Holiday Entertainment


MIND TO MIND, my astounding powers of intuition about others allows me to discern and share their stories. Your guests will share their intriguing thoughts and personalities with the audience, and you will know and appreciate them like never before. It's upbeat, positive and entertaining! I tell people their thoughts, and I tell them about themselves - their strengths, talents, abilities, goals and dreams.

And, after the show I’ll be there to offer a personal reading for anyone who wishes it. Everyone can have a personal reading! Give your guests an experience they won't forget.

Call now to schedule a show.
David Winston

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I’m a mindreader not a corporate entertainer!

Let's be clear.

For years I have had the title "corporate entertainer" on my masthead. Sounds boring, doesn't it? I work for companies all the time and with great success, but "corporate entertainer" does not fully embody who I am. What I do is more personal than that. I am a Mindreader, and it is a ton of fun. It is about people and their minds. Whether I am at a huge corporate event or a small intimate gathering, it is about one thought, one notion, one personality. It plays big. It is tremendously entertaining and something you will not forget. As the host, you will get kudos for a successful and unique event.

Check out my new homepage. Forget the dull corporate entertainer, and find a Mindreader!

"You did a great job last night! I'm a believer." Mary Hall -"The Recessionista"

David Winston 619-993-6388"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's in the cloud

We're all connected.

I recently performed for an IT group. (That's Information Technology: computers the internet and the way they connect.) A man came up before the show and said, "I hope you're as good as the guy who spoke at lunch." I asked, "What did he speak about?" and he said, "Cloud computing." Cloud computing is a way to get all that data off your hard drive and make it available anytime and anywhere on the internet. Always connected,no wires.

I'm like that. When I'm with a group I'm connected with open minds. Many years ago a man introduced me as "already being online with your mind." And, "David Winston is the shortest distance between two minds."

We've always been able to communicate telepathically. I show how that's done in my "Mind to Mind"show. It's tremendously entertaining and very compelling, something that's different that will put your event over the top.

Call me now to schedule the best show ever for your convention, awards dinner or private event.

"Your show was terrific. Would you come and do it for us?" Tarkan Maner CEO Wyse Technology
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Friday, March 12, 2010

I’m not a hypnotist.

I'm a student of human nature.

Do I hypnotize people? No. But I am a student of human nature. I watch body language, I read faces, I listen to nuances in tone of voice, and a whole lot more. It's how I read minds and personalities. I use the five senses to develop the sixth. Pay close attention to people, and you learn about their character and sometimes their thoughts.

I can't make people give up personal information by hypnotizing them. I don't know how, and I'm not sure it would be right. I am a student of human nature. I find people fascinating. Since I was a child I've been doing "readings", telling people feelings and thoughts that come to mind about them when I meet them.

I translate my intuitive impressions into words. It makes for fabulous entertainment, the ultimate in audience involvement.

Watch me do this live at your next event. Let me make you the star with the"Mind to Mind" show.

David Winston 619-993-6388

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Monday, February 8, 2010

David Winston knows what your customers and employees are thinking!

It's not just entertainment.

It's an event that brings people you care about together. Companies have parties and events for a reason. They want to strengthen the bond of coworkers and clients. The "Mind to Mind" show is the ultimate in audience involvement. It's like no other entertainment. It's about the audience. David reads their minds in fun and compelling ways. If they didn't know each other before the show, they will after. If they thought they knew each other, they may be surprised. Build up your relationship with the people you care about.

David Winston reads their minds. He tells their story. Their strengths, talents, goals, and dreams come to light in an upbeat and positive way. Plus it's riveting entertainment. There's nothing like it.

Call today to schedule the "Mind to Mind" show.

David Winston 619-993-6388

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A palm reading.

Intuitive intimacy.

It was New Year's Eve. She had thought of a question for me to answer,but I couldn't 'hear' it until I held her hand and felt her energy. In a flash, her personality blossomed before me.

Sometimes I have to make a direct connection to know what people are thinking and feeling. With practice, you, too, can heighten this ability. In the movie Avatar, the Navi connect with their ancestors' thoughts and energy. As in that story, there's a flow of energy coursing through all of us. All it takes to join our consciousness is to open our minds and hearts to one another.

If you're looking for intimate and astounding entertainment for your next event, call David Winston. A recent client said, " were totally right...He is AMAZING...truly gifted. Everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed him."

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