Thursday, June 10, 2010

I’m a mindreader not a corporate entertainer!

Let's be clear.

For years I have had the title "corporate entertainer" on my masthead. Sounds boring, doesn't it? I work for companies all the time and with great success, but "corporate entertainer" does not fully embody who I am. What I do is more personal than that. I am a Mindreader, and it is a ton of fun. It is about people and their minds. Whether I am at a huge corporate event or a small intimate gathering, it is about one thought, one notion, one personality. It plays big. It is tremendously entertaining and something you will not forget. As the host, you will get kudos for a successful and unique event.

Check out my new homepage. Forget the dull corporate entertainer, and find a Mindreader!

"You did a great job last night! I'm a believer." Mary Hall -"The Recessionista"

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