Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's in the cloud

We're all connected.

I recently performed for an IT group. (That's Information Technology: computers the internet and the way they connect.) A man came up before the show and said, "I hope you're as good as the guy who spoke at lunch." I asked, "What did he speak about?" and he said, "Cloud computing." Cloud computing is a way to get all that data off your hard drive and make it available anytime and anywhere on the internet. Always connected,no wires.

I'm like that. When I'm with a group I'm connected with open minds. Many years ago a man introduced me as "already being online with your mind." And, "David Winston is the shortest distance between two minds."

We've always been able to communicate telepathically. I show how that's done in my "Mind to Mind"show. It's tremendously entertaining and very compelling, something that's different that will put your event over the top.

Call me now to schedule the best show ever for your convention, awards dinner or private event.

"Your show was terrific. Would you come and do it for us?" Tarkan Maner CEO Wyse Technology
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