Thursday, October 1, 2009

David Winston - Corporate Entertainer

Recently I read the minds of 400 Electrical Engineers 98% of them men. It was huge crowd in a long room. And although it was a hard venue to control, it went very well. I looked out halfway through the performance and saw those logical, analytical, rational engineers quietly and intensely looking at me and my participants. They loved it.

I could say it's my incredible talent as a performer, or that I'm good in front of a difficult audience, that made that show such a success. But whatever talent I have is trumped by the subject at hand - the thoughts and personalities of my participants. The reason my show is so interesting is the content: People are interested in themselves and others. I bring that out in 45 compelling minutes of the "Mind to Mind" show. Mindreading, telepathy, personality and a whole lot of fun. Perfect entertainment for your next corporate event

David Winston